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First Tandem Bike with A Blind Rider to Compete SOLO in RAAM Event History

12Number of States
32Total Climb in Vertical Miles
over3000Total Miles in Distance
about10000Training Miles to do in 2023

Welcome to the Team Speedy Turtle website. Thank you for checking us out.

“I have been truly blessed with several amazing guides who looked past my blindness and got to know me as a person and a friend. We all bring our own stuff to relationships, and part of my “stuff” is the fact that I can’t see. It isn’t the only stuff, but it’s way up there.”

Dave Wilkinson, The Speedy Turtle

Close up headshot of Dave Wilkinson looking fresh and smiling
We are two men who are reaching for a goal. We want to push ourselves physically and psychologically. And succeed.
We enjoy the thrill of the training and the race. Individually, we’ve competed in dozens of running events, triathlons, bike road races and time trials over the years.
Our current challenge is the 2024 Race Across America bicycle race event. We are training to compete “solo” on a tandem bike across America. Twelve days. 3000 miles across 12 states. Climbing 170,000 vertical feet.

Meet The Team

We’re two athletes doing it because we want to challenge ourselves in a big way. 

But we haven’t just decided on this.

We’re endurance athletes who have been competing in ultra-competitions for years. Dave has been competing within the Physically Challenged (PC) division of Ironman since 2019. He achieved Gold Level (the Top 1%) of PC athletes worldwide, and he won his division in Arizona in 2021 and Muncie in 2021/22. Before triathlons, Dave completed over 30 marathons and narrowly missed being on the 2002 US Paralympic cross-country ski team.

Jim can hold his own, don’t worry. Since that ride across Michigan, he’s bicycled across America 4 times, 1987 on a tour of 50 days, then completed solo RAAM 2005 and 2022, last year as the first American finisher. And he’s completed several 24-hour bicycle races across the country. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also an ultra-runner, winning Tahoe 200 in 2015. And he hasn’t looked back (except to shoulder check for traffic) ever since.

Dave Wilkinson looking wet with corn field in the background

Dave Wilkinson, cyclist

“Life is an incredible journey. We’re given an amazing gift, and you can always see things that aren’t going the way we wanted them to. But the fact is that we have an incredible opportunity to do something magical when we’re here on this planet. 

It’s a privilege I try not to take for granted. Every day could be an incredible experience. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be.”

  • Lives in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Senior Digital Accessibility Analyst for Hilton Worldwide
  • Has run more than 30 marathons
  • Favorite Snack: Ice Cream and LOTS OF IT!
Profile of Jim Trout - Accomplished tandem cyclist for RAAM

Jim Trout, cyclist and guide

“There’s something about Ultra events that draws me. There’s a little bit of camaraderie, there’s still a little competition and you still push yourself beyond what you thought you could do. I wanted to get further and set a personal record. 

It’s such a rewarding experience; the more challenging something is the more rewarding it is.”

  • Lives in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Emergency Room Pharmacist at Level 1 Trauma Center in Grand Rapids
  • Has cycled over 200,000 miles over 40 years, in over 45 countries
  • Favourite Snack: Beer & Ice Cream (preferably in a hot tub).
Although we will compete in the “solo racer” category, this is truly a team event. None of this dream is possible without both Dave and Jim. A thrill and intensity go into this teamwork, cooperation and trust; they all have to be there for the team dynamic to work.

It is the closest relationship you’ll have outside of that with your spouse. Quite literally, you’re trusting your partner not to kill you.

Our Support Team

And, of course, we couldn’t do what we do without the rest of our amazing team. These are the people who have tirelessly supported us and believe in Team Speedy Turtle. We are very proud to work beside you and appreciate the work you do:
Profile photo of Dawn Wilkinson with library book shelves background


Dave's Biggest Cheerleader & Simultaneously his "Voice of Reason"
Profile photo of Sara Allen, woman with glasses and blond hair agains the blue sky background


Crew, Chief & Fearless Leader
Erica Oliver - Team Speedy Turtle Support Crew


Crew, Team Engineer

Jill Robb - Registered Nurse for Team Speedy Turtle


Crew, Team Registered Nurse

Profile photo of Maryam Trout


Josh Profile Photo


Profile Photo of Shamus Trout


Profile photo of Oscar Trout


Angie Snow Profle


In Memory of Jacob Wells

“None of this would be happening if it weren’t for Jacob. He was my first running guide and we were incredibly close. He was the reason I did a marathon in the first place (he suggested it about 30 minutes after we met. We were  between  miles 2 and 3 of our first 5K and for that matter the first time we had ever ran together). Jacob died in 2014 at Mile 19 of his 153rd marathon. He had enlarged his heart due to extreme exercise, which unwittingly killed him. His death was devastating. I will forever be grateful for the friendship I shared with him. He will be with me in spirit on this journey.”

Dave and Jacob Wells running together with Jacob's left hand raised

Why We’re Doing This

We don’t expect you to suddenly want to ride across America or do a marathon or an Ironman. 

However, if what we’re doing motivates a teen somewhere to reconsider trying out for the school track team or convinces someone to start exercising while waiting on their morning toast, then we’re happy with that. 

We hope someone like you sees us and decides that things you never thought possible ARE attainable. 

Think small to achieve big. Make little changes and choices. Take things from where you are and what you can do now.

  • Start looking beyond your couch.
  • Set reasonable goals and then celebrate when you achieve them.
  • Start moving and enjoy where your body can take you.

We want people to get active, but it starts with something other than an Ironman or the RAAM.

That’s what we want; to spark your interest in physical fitness. 

We hope you will say, “I don’t want to BE them (because they are a bit nuts!), but I want to support them and be a part of their journey.” And if, along the way, you decide this is for you, we’d be okay with some competition.

Two men on tandem bike, the rear rider drinking water

We’re ready for this challenge.

Want to be part of our community of support?


Interested in having us speak to your organization or group?

We’d be very happy to present our journey to your organization. Please contact us at and let’s chat!


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